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Therapeutic Summer Camps Free Directory

Therapeutic Summer Camps Directory is free therapeutic service for parents of teens that are looking to “reset” the family system through a therapeutic summer camp experience. According to the American Camp Association, there are over 3,000 summer camps in the US! The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs lists 170 residential programs, each providing a “reset” experience.

We only list summer camps that seek to “reset” relationships within the family system. Specifically, we focus on the categories of ADHD, Asperger’s/Autism, Social Skill Development, Learning Disabilities and Oppositional Behavior.

Every overnight camp can be a reset opportunity. In terms of therapeutic camps claiming to provide a “reset opportunity,” there are literally hundreds. So what is a parent to do when deciding the best therapeutic camp for their child? Without a dedicated team at the camp which oversees a therapeutic process, the teen will simply come back home to business as usual. This is what separates therapeutic camps from typical camps.

The summer is the perfect time to reset family relationships. Instead of letting your teen sit around all summer falling behind academically, socially, and potentially getting into trouble- now is the time to reset those family relationships and gain the “soft skills” needed to get along at school and at home.

To truly have a reset opportunity, the entire family system needs to change. When looking for a therapeutic summer camp, we encourage parents to work a parallel process of change while their child is at camp. Parents need to examine their own parenting skills for a summer reset to truly be effective.

Quality Reset Camps and Programs

The purpose of this website is for overview purposes only. Parents should consult with their primary care physician, psychologist, or an educational consultant before making any treatment decisions.